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Alwyn & Harveen | Afrikaans Wedding


 Tell us about your love-story leading up to your special day – how did you meet one another?

I bought a pair of handmade NAVA Apparel Warrior Boots (Alwyn’s own brand) from him in Woodstock, Cape Town and first and foremost fell in love with the unique pair of boots and then slowly formed a stronger bond and friendship with Alwyn and before we knew it we were married!  

How did your husband propose to you?

He proposed to me in my hometown in Tanzania in front of my parents. 

 Did your wedding have a theme:

Since we’re both from two different cultures, we decided to have an Indian wedding ceremony and a White wedding ceremony which was an enriching experience for everyone especially the pre-wedding rituals and customs leading up to the weddings which definitely broke the ice between the two cultures multiple times LOL. 

2 cultures, 2 weddings, 1 family. 

Wedding Planner: We planned our own wedding, did all the decor etc with the help of friends and family 

Wedding Car: Vintage Car Rental place in George

 Place where Bride got ready: Gourikwa Nature Reserve, Honeymoon Suite

Brides Dress: Indian Wedding Dress- From Raja Rani’s in Johannesburg

White Wedding Dress – From a shop called Bilqis in Oriental Plaza, Johannesburg 

Brides Shoes: Oriental Plaza, Johannesburg 

Brides Jewellery: Raja Rani’s and Oriental Plaza, Johannesburg

Make-up Artist: Wilma Cronje 

Hair Stylist: Candice Koen 

Bridesmaids Dresses: They bought their own dresses from different locations because I don’t like the whole concept of matching since everyone is an individual and should stand out equally 

Bridesmaids Gifts:

Bridesmaids Accessories: Diederik the Florist made all their flower crowns and hand bouquets 

Place where groom got ready: Gourikwa Nature Reserve, Villa 1

Grooms suit: White Wedding: Amigo’s Men’s Fashion, George
Indian Wedding: Raja Rani’s, Johannesburg 

Grooms Accessories: Raja Rani’s and Amigo’s Men’s Fashion 

Grooms Shoes: Alwyn’s Own Brand NAVA Apparel (Classic Men’s Ndebele Shoes) 

Groomsmen Suits: Raja Rani’s and for the White Wedding they bought their own

Ceremony Venue: Indian Wedding: Sikh Temple Mossel Bay
White Wedding: The Chapel at Gourikwa Nature  Reserve 

Reception Venue: Gourikwa Nature Reserve Hall 

Minister: Minister Le Fleur from Mossel Bay 

 What did you choose for confetti: Dried Wildflowers 

Who made your Wedding Cake: Mila Cakes, George

What type of cake did you choose? 1 Tier Vanilla Flavour + Cupcakes (Vanilla, Chocolate & Red Velvet) 

Cake topper: Mrs & Mrs, in Gold

First Dance Song & if there is a story attached to your choice: We went old school and chose This I Promise You by NSYNC 

 Catering Company: Seeff Oosthuizen and Gourikwa Team 

DJ: None

Live Band/ Instrumentals during the day: & The Riddle 

Wedding Invite Design: My Sister

Wedding Stationary: We did the rest ourselves (I made the welcome sign on the gate, and Alwyn and I both made the seating arrangements board as well as the decorations for the wedding favours etc) the handmade soaps were made by Heaven Soaps in Wilderness. 

Any Other Vendors you would like to mention: Our Florist Diederik whose Company Name is Bossiegoed was the BEST florist I could have ever asked for and made our wedding so magical with all the proteas and wildflowers which really complimented the natural surroundings. He truly went above and beyond to create the most beautiful flower arrangements, bouquets, buttonholes, flower crowns and is an extremely calm and understanding florist to work with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

The rest of the decor we hired from Flowers4U in George, ISP Group in George and Elite Hire in George. 

Any Advice you would like to offer the future Brides & Grooms: Just chill and trust the process, most importantly, don’t forget to HAVE FUN and be present in the moment because it goes by so fast!

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Hendre & Andrea | Wedding Day


Tell us about your love-story leading up to your special day – how did you meet one another?

It’s a long, beautiful story. . .

How did your husband propose to you?

He made a riddle for me that I had to unravel by popping balloons and so he asked me on top of the mountain at Valley of Desolation just outside of Graaff-Reinet

Wedding Planner:                           Myself (bride) with the help of my husband and my sister

Wedding Car:                                   Didn’t need one. Got ready and stayed over at Madison Manor Boutique Hotel

Place where Bride got ready:      Madison Manor Boutique Hotel

Brides Dress:                                    Ebay

Veil:                                                    Besters Bridal Knysna

Brides Shoes:                                   Ebay

Brides Jewellery:                             Gift from my mother

Make-up Artist:                               Tanja Kramer from Just Me Professional Make-up and Eyeliner

Hair Stylist:                                       Gene @ Salon Hair Therapy

Bridesmaids Dresses:                     Made by a friend’s mother in my hometown

Bridesmaids Gifts:                           Bought it at different places to make up a gift box. My talented sister, Nicolene Taljaard, made the beautiful Shawls for me and my two bridesmaids. Check out her Facebook page: Missy – Handmade with Love to place your orders.

Bridesmaids Accessories:              Earrings bought at Metallic Mermaid in Knysna

What did you choose for:

Something old:                                Chest pin from my mother

Something new:                              Jewellery

Something borrowed:                    Chest pin from my mother

Something blue:                              Garter (Handmade by Missy-Handmade with love)

Place where groom got ready:    Madison Manor Boutique Hotel

Grooms suit:                                     Hired from Mr. Suit hire in George

Grooms Accessories:                      Skagen watched ordered online from Skagen website

Grooms Shoes:                                Tred and Miller in George mall

Groomsmen Suits:                          Pants and shirts bought separately from Edgars

Groomsmen Accessories:             Ordered on Ebay / Their own accessories

Ceremony Venue:                           Madison Manor Boutique Hotel

Reception Venue:                           Madison Manor Boutique Hotel

Minister:                                           Pastor Peter Meyer from Vineyard Church

What did you choose for confetti:            Rose petals ordered online

Who made your Wedding Cake:                A gift from a very talented friend, Bev van Eck

What type of cake did you choose?          As part of the gift it was a surprise. It turned out to be a delicious five layered cake with chocolate ganache and vanilla cream cheese frosting.

Cake topper:                                                    Came with the cake as a gift

Catering Company:                         Madison Manor Boutique Hotel catered for us

DJ:                                                       My husband bought a sound system and together with his brother in law, they made a playlist

Wedding Invite Design:                 Website created by my husband. Website link was sent to all the guests to RSVP

Wedding Stationary:                      Missy-Handmade with love was responsible for the beautiful guest names on the tables, table plan, welcome board, guest book, wooden flower holders, ring holder, etc. Custom made stickers were gifted by my sister in law, Marlize van den Heever, together with the cupcakes and consol jars

Any Advice you would like to offer the future Brides & Grooms:

Walk slow, breathe, take it all in, Eat! Time flies, so enjoy the moment. Don’t fret about small details. Spend less on flowers. People remember the celebration and the food, they won’t even know what flowers you had.

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Ernst & Leandra | Wedding Day, Calitzdorp


Tell us about your love-story leading up to your special day – how did you meet one another

His cousin, which is also my best friend, was our matchmaker. We’ve met before, but years passed that we didn’t see each other. A few days after Christmas in 2013, I paid her a visit, and there he was…It was love at 2nd sight.

 How did your husband propose to you?

He took me to go “Christmas shopping”, on our way back he said we must go for a drive, and we drove to ballots bay. In the forest, we stopped for some photos. I admired the scenery, and when I turned around, he was on his knee. I immediately started to cry. But, the surprise wasn’t over yet. He booked the tree house for us for a few days, with our own private beach,right next to the forest. It felt like I was in my own Twilight movie, it was so romantic and special.

Did your wedding have a theme, if yes please give details:

Gold, blush and white with greenery.

Wedding Planner: None, I organised everything myself.

 Place where Bride got ready: Soeterus Guest Farm, Calitzdorp

Bride’s Dress: Christiaan Ras at Coco Boutique

Veil: Charei Crafford at Simply Sensuous

Brides Shoes: Tiger Lilly Dance Wear

Brides Jewellery: A gift from my husband

Make-up Artist: Wilna Allpass

Hair Stylist: Wilna Allpass

Bridesmaids Dresses: Glitter and Glamour Creations and Charei Crafford at simply sensuous

Bridesmaids Gifts: The Wedding Store

Bridesmaids Accessories: Help ‘n Bruidjie

Place where groom got ready: The Queen Hotel, Calitzdorp

Grooms suit: The Modernist Tailor Made

Grooms Accessories: Giorgio Armani (watch) 

Grooms Shoes: Aldo

Groomsmen Suits: Leandri Willemse at Leandri.W design (waistcoats and ties)

Groomsmen Accessories: Their own

 Ceremony Venue: Dutch Reformed Church Calitzdorp

Reception Venue: Die Stasie

Minister: Ds van Loggerenberg

 What did you choose for confetti: Olive leaves

Who made your Wedding Cake: Karooboom

What type of cake did you choose? Naked chocolate mousse cake

Cake topper: Flowers from Karooboom’s garden

First Dance Song & if there is a story attached to your choice: Gebore om by jou te wees – Juan Boucher. It’s been our song for years, the lyrics says it all.

 Catering Company: Debbie Calitz 

DJ: Michael de Kock

Band/ Instrumentals during the day: Michael de Kock

Wedding Invite Design: Ansi Vermaak

Wedding Stationary: Done by me, the Bride

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Jonathan & Nicky | Wedding Day | Cape Town

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Tell us about your love-story leading up to your special day – how did you meet one another?
We met in January of 2010, at a very close friend’s house in Cape Town. It was a Saturday afternoon braai, and Jonathan had been invited to join by another friend of mine. We’d never met before, despite having loads of mutual friends, so it was refreshing to meet someone new. It wasn’t love at first sight, but we definitely got on with one another from the start. We started chatting on Facebook after we saw one another the next day at a cricket game (he’d actually organised ticket for our mutual friend earlier that week, and she’d given one to me), and then we met for coffee a few days later because I was trying to get some business out of the company he worked for at the time. We ended up chatting about everything other than business, and then made plans to have dinner together in Joburg a few days after, as we were both going to be there for work. Fast-forward a couple weeks later, and we were officially dating.
How did the groom propose?

It wasn’t a surprise at all, he didn’t get down on one knee and secretly plan an elaborate proposal. We’d been together for a few years up until that point, and been through quite a bit together. He had taken a year off and was about to start his full-time MBA, so we’d been discussing the next steps in our relationship and what we wanted to do next. We were actually lying in bed one night chatting about it, and he summed up how he felt about us so beautifully (I can’t even remember what he said, but it was amazing, I might have cried). We decided to make it official on the evening of 9 January 2014, where we went to have dinner at our favourite steak restaurant, The Hussar in Rondebosch. It was just the two of us, eating delicious food and drinking great red wine, so it was very special. We are very non-traditional, so it was perfect for us.

Did your wedding have a theme, if yes please give details: Cocktail Party with botanical-themed decor.

Wedding Planner: 
My sister, Ash, and myself planned the wedding together. we live in Shanghai and she lives in Cape Town, so it was quite the mission getting everything together. She’s amazingly talented though, and a fantastic event-planner.
Place where Bride got ready:  My Godparents’ house in Constantia, Cape Town
Brides Dress: Designed myself and made in Shanghai
Veil: Bought online in Shanghai, which my mom in-law then dyed with Rooibos tea (it perfectly matched, especially my shoes!)
Brides Shoes: Aldo
Brides Jewellery: Dear Rae and Swarovski
Make-up Artist: Ash Barber
Hair Stylist: Samantha Canham
Bridesmaids Dresses:I didn’t have bridesmaids, but my flower girl’s dress was from Cotton On

Place where groom got ready: 
His family home
Grooms suit: Custom-made in Shanghai
Ceremony Venue: The Pavilion, Kelvin Grove
Reception Venue:  The Pavilion, Kelvin Grove
Minister: Marilyn Michau
Who made your Wedding Cake: Coimbra Bakery
What type of cake did you choose? We opted to go the non-traditional route, Glazed Donuts with edible gold dust – they were a serious hit!
Cake topper: Bought online in Shanghai
Catering Company: Kelvin Grove
DJ: Tom Kenmuir

Band/ Instrumentals during the day: n/a


Wedding Invite Design: Myself
Wedding Stationary: Myself

Any Other Vendors you would like to mention: 
Decor by Puccini Creations, cocktails by Brent Perremore
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Leon & Jolene | Wedding Day

Jolene WEBSIZE-1 Jolene WEBSIZE-2 Jolene WEBSIZE-3 Jolene WEBSIZE-4 Jolene WEBSIZE-5 Jolene WEBSIZE-6 Jolene WEBSIZE-7 Jolene WEBSIZE-8 Jolene WEBSIZE-9 Jolene WEBSIZE-11 Jolene WEBSIZE-12 Jolene WEBSIZE-13 Jolene WEBSIZE-14 Jolene WEBSIZE-15 Jolene WEBSIZE-16 Jolene WEBSIZE-17 Jolene WEBSIZE-18 Jolene WEBSIZE-19 Jolene WEBSIZE-20 Jolene WEBSIZE-21 Jolene WEBSIZE-23 Jolene WEBSIZE-24 Jolene WEBSIZE-25 Jolene WEBSIZE-26 Jolene WEBSIZE-27 Jolene WEBSIZE-28 Jolene WEBSIZE-29 Jolene WEBSIZE-30 Jolene WEBSIZE-32 Jolene WEBSIZE-33 Jolene WEBSIZE-34 Jolene WEBSIZE-35 Jolene WEBSIZE-36 Jolene WEBSIZE-37 Jolene WEBSIZE-38 Jolene WEBSIZE-39 Jolene WEBSIZE-40 Jolene WEBSIZE-41 Jolene WEBSIZE-42 Jolene WEBSIZE-43 Jolene WEBSIZE-44 Jolene WEBSIZE-45 Jolene WEBSIZE-46 Jolene WEBSIZE-47 Jolene WEBSIZE-48 Jolene WEBSIZE-49 Jolene WEBSIZE-50 Jolene WEBSIZE-51 Jolene WEBSIZE-53 Jolene WEBSIZE-55 Jolene WEBSIZE-56 Jolene WEBSIZE-57 Jolene WEBSIZE-58 Jolene WEBSIZE-59 Jolene WEBSIZE-61 Jolene WEBSIZE-62 Jolene WEBSIZE-63 Jolene WEBSIZE-64 Jolene WEBSIZE-65 Jolene WEBSIZE-66 Jolene WEBSIZE-67 Jolene WEBSIZE-68 Jolene WEBSIZE-69 Jolene WEBSIZE-70 Jolene WEBSIZE-71 Jolene WEBSIZE-72 Jolene WEBSIZE-73 Jolene WEBSIZE-74 Jolene WEBSIZE-75 Jolene WEBSIZE-77 Jolene WEBSIZE-78 Jolene WEBSIZE-79 Jolene WEBSIZE-80 Jolene WEBSIZE-81 Jolene WEBSIZE-82 Jolene WEBSIZE-83 Jolene WEBSIZE-85 Jolene WEBSIZE-86 Jolene WEBSIZE-87 Jolene WEBSIZE-88 Jolene WEBSIZE-89 Jolene WEBSIZE-91 Jolene WEBSIZE-92 Jolene WEBSIZE-94 Jolene WEBSIZE-95 Jolene WEBSIZE-97 Jolene WEBSIZE-98 Jolene WEBSIZE-101 Jolene WEBSIZE-102 Jolene WEBSIZE-103 Jolene WEBSIZE-104 Jolene WEBSIZE-105 Jolene WEBSIZE-106 Jolene WEBSIZE-108 Jolene WEBSIZE-109 Jolene WEBSIZE-110 Jolene WEBSIZE-111 Jolene WEBSIZE-112 Jolene WEBSIZE-113 Jolene WEBSIZE-114 Jolene WEBSIZE-115Jolene WEBSIZE-134 Jolene WEBSIZE-133 Jolene WEBSIZE-118 Jolene WEBSIZE-119 Jolene WEBSIZE-120 Jolene WEBSIZE-121 Jolene WEBSIZE-122 Jolene WEBSIZE-123 Jolene WEBSIZE-129 Jolene WEBSIZE-131 Jolene WEBSIZE-132 Jolene WEBSIZE-136 Jolene WEBSIZE-140 Jolene WEBSIZE-144 Jolene WEBSIZE-145 Jolene WEBSIZE-147 Jolene WEBSIZE-148 Jolene WEBSIZE-149 Jolene WEBSIZE-150 Jolene WEBSIZE-155 Jolene WEBSIZE-157 Jolene WEBSIZE-158 Jolene WEBSIZE-163 Jolene WEBSIZE-164 Jolene WEBSIZE-166 Jolene WEBSIZE-167 Jolene WEBSIZE-169 Jolene WEBSIZE-170 Jolene WEBSIZE-171 Jolene WEBSIZE-172 Jolene WEBSIZE-173 Jolene WEBSIZE-174 Jolene WEBSIZE-175 Jolene WEBSIZE-176 Jolene WEBSIZE-177 Jolene WEBSIZE-178 Jolene WEBSIZE-179 Jolene WEBSIZE-180 Jolene WEBSIZE-181 Jolene WEBSIZE-182 Jolene WEBSIZE-183 Jolene WEBSIZE-184 Jolene WEBSIZE-185 Jolene WEBSIZE-186 Jolene WEBSIZE-187 Jolene WEBSIZE-188 Jolene WEBSIZE-189 Jolene WEBSIZE-190 Jolene WEBSIZE-191 Jolene WEBSIZE-192 Jolene WEBSIZE-193 Jolene WEBSIZE-194 Jolene WEBSIZE-195 Jolene WEBSIZE-196 Jolene WEBSIZE-197 Jolene WEBSIZE-198 Jolene WEBSIZE-199 Jolene WEBSIZE-200 Jolene WEBSIZE-201 Jolene WEBSIZE-202 Jolene WEBSIZE-204 Jolene WEBSIZE-206 Jolene WEBSIZE-207 Jolene WEBSIZE-208 Jolene WEBSIZE-209 Jolene WEBSIZE-210 Jolene WEBSIZE-211 Jolene WEBSIZE-212 Jolene WEBSIZE-213 Jolene WEBSIZE-214 Jolene WEBSIZE-215 Jolene WEBSIZE-216 Jolene WEBSIZE-217 Jolene WEBSIZE-218 Jolene WEBSIZE-219 Jolene WEBSIZE-220 Jolene WEBSIZE-221 Jolene WEBSIZE-222 Jolene WEBSIZE-223 Jolene WEBSIZE-224 Jolene WEBSIZE-225 Jolene WEBSIZE-226 Jolene WEBSIZE-227

Did your wedding have a theme, if yes please give details: Wedding theme was peacock colours, and feathers 

Wedding Planner:  Mother – in – law and myself
Place where Bride got ready:  Knysna elephant Park 
Brides Dress: Cute baby wedding couture
Veil:  Cute baby wedding couture
Brides Shoes: Miss Black 
Brides Jewelry:   necklace I had for years, earings : Sugar body jewellery 
Make-up Artist: the art of make-up by Karin Chan
Hair Stylist:  Karin Chan
Bridesmaids Dresses: Cute baby wedding couture
What did you choose for:
Something old:   Necklace 
Something new:   shoes 
Something borrowed: Unfortunately i did not have something borrowed

Something blue: Garter

Place where groom got ready: Knysna Elephant Park 

Grooms suit: GF menswear
Grooms Accessories:  Groom Father’s
Grooms Shoes: Kingsmead
Groomsmen Suits: GF menswear
Ceremony Venue:  Knysna Elephant Park
Reception Venue:  Knysna Elephant Park 
Minister: Chris du Preez 
What did you choose for confetti:  French Lavender
Who made your Wedding Cake: 3 fat fish – the bake shop
What type of cake did you choose? vanilla butter icing , with cararmel 
Cake topper: Grooms, brother – mother – in- law , 
Who did your Catering: 3 Fat fish- Plettenberg bay 
DJ:  Family member
Wedding Invite Design:  Upgrades for u 
Wedding Stationary:  Father, mother, mother-in-law

Lights & sound : Outeniqua Sound
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Marnus & Joritha | Wedding Day

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Tell us about your love-story leading up to your special day: We met through Mutual friends… Marnus asked me to go with him on a road trip to a wedding in Kimberley.  We chatted non-stop the whole way. Our friends encouraged “the first kiss” by telling us that it would be so special to have a photo of the moment.  They took the picture at Wando’s in Khayalethu and that is where the romance officially started. Marnus asked me to marry him at a secluded spot at Groenvlei beach  near Sedgefield about 2 years later.

Did your wedding have a theme, if yes please give details: Simple/Elegant

 Place where Bride got ready:  Villa Castollini

Brides Dress: Pebbles Mosselbay

 Make-up Artist: Vida Marais

Hair Stylist:  Belinda Hougaard – Hairtherapy

Bridesmaids Dresses: Helen Barnes

Place where groom got ready: Brenton on Sea Cottages

 Grooms suit: Amigo’s George
Ceremony Venue: Villa Castollini
Reception Venue: Villa Castollini
Minister: Peter Meyer
What did you choose for confetti: Rose petals
Who made your Wedding Cake: Eugene Julyan & Hein Stander
What type of cake did you choose? Naked Vanilla Cake with orange flavored icing.  Cupcakes red velvet & chocolate
Cake topper: Blitsdruk Knysna
Who did your Catering: Villa Castollini
DJ: MixAcademy Entertainment

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