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Q : How would you describe your personal photography style?

A : Natural, elegant, creative, romantic and easy-going. Family photographs will be the most conservative of the bunch but the rest of the day is me watching you and capturing your unique story and wedding day as it plays out. No need to clean your room spotlessly or do anything differently, the photographs must be al-natural and capture the purest moments. 

Q : What do you recommend for achieving the best results for my photographs?

A : GOOD LIGHT! The best photographs are achieved with correct natural lighting. From the time you are getting ready, to the indoor ceremony and reception, alot of natural lighting is a top priority – please keep this in mind, candles on the table at the reception are not enough to achieve the best indoor photo’s and I recommend that further lighting be included from above, especially during the speeches. The lights can be turned down for dinner again. For beach weddings, on the otherhand, where direct sunlight will fall on you, a full shaded covering is recommended to avoid harsh shadows from falling on your face and body.

Q : What time do you finish up at the wedding?

A : After your last important tradition, which is different at every wedding. I usually stay until 10pm when I have taken photo’s of the guests having a dance. The dance-floor should generally open at 9pm for your guests.

Q : Can you quote me on standard size prints / stretched canvases / block mounts?

A : Absolutely. I have quality suppliers for all the above.

Q : Do you offer smaller coffee table books / brag books that we can use as gifts? 

A : Yes, I have various sizes available. I can also have calendars made, which also makes for a lovely gift, as well as “thank you” cards printed.

Q : When do I need to pay the balance of my wedding package price?

A : A 50% deposit is required to book my services. You will need to pay the balance before your wedding photo’s are given to you or sent to you via post. If you prefer to pay me before the wedding day that is absolutely fine.

Q : Can I send you ideas that I have saved from looking through other weddings?

A : Yes, you are welcome to send me your fun or creative ideas you have seen or thought of and would like to incorporate into your own wedding day. I will give you my honest feedback and whether the ideas are practical or not. I prefer to use my own ideas that will reflect your unique story of the day.

Q : Will you be using a second photographer?

A : Only my top wedding package includes a second photographer who will take photo’s of the groom getting ready, purely because I cannot be at two places at one time especially if the groom’s place of getting ready is far away. The second photographer will also be at the ceremony to ensure that you and your guests are photographed, no moment will go past without being captured.

Q : What if I would like to include a second photographer but don’t necessarily want photo’s to be taken of the groom getting ready?

A : That is no problem, let me know and I will include the correct rates on your quote. 

Q : Do I need to include a meal for you?

A : I am very easy about this, I will need a break at the same time you eat (after food photo’s are taken) and can always bring my own meal and refreshments, it is totally up to you. I am pretty laid back about this, I understand that seating can be a major issue at times and I do not want to stress you out. 

Q : When do you charge an overnight rate? 

A : When the wedding is more than a 2 hours drive outside of Knysna and the wedding finishes late. I will always stay at the least expensive bed and breakfast, backpackers or tented camping site. I am not a fuss pot and sleep anywhere clean and safe. If I need to bring my own bedding I will do so. 

Q : How do you calculate the AA Rates for transport?

A : My AA rates per km pertain to my specific model of car and kilometers. The rate at this moment is R5.50 per km. 

Q : When do you start charging a transport fee? 

A : When a wedding is outside of George or Plettenbergbay. 

Q : I live outside of South Africa, how will you send my photo’s to me?

A : There are many wonderful ways to do this, I use Dropbox and I will send you the link to your uploaded photographs – this does unfortunately take a few days to upload and then I will share your album with you. If you would like the coffee table book posted to you I will use a private company from South Africa, an extra charge will be quoted. Please let me know if you live outside this country.

Q : I live in South Africa, can you post the wedding usb flash drive and album to me? 

A : Yes, I will send this package to you via ARAMEX Couriers. The coffee table books are couriered to your door. All these costs are included in your package, so there will be no surprises.

Q : When can I expect my wedding photo’s to be completed? 

A : Approx. 40 working days, if I am very busy (especially in November, December & January months) it will take a bit longer but I will communicate with you. I am editing everyday of the week and most weekends but when I am busy shooting on the weekends then the normal working days apply (maximum time I have taken has been 3 months which was over a very busy time).

Q : When can I expect the coffee table book to be ready?

A : Approx. 3 weeks after your wedding photo choices are sent to me, the company I use will give me a delivery ETA which I will forward to you. You will need to sign for the delivery.

Q : Why do you include a engagement/ couples shoot with all your packages?

A : I feel that these photo’s can be used for your save-the-dates or wedding stationery. This is also just a great way for us to bond all round, I get to know you and you get to know me behind the camera… bonus is the cute and fun photo’s that you get to keep forever. These photographs must be taken at least 5 months or more before the wedding so that I can edit them on time – taking these pics a month or week before is pointless.

Q : When do I receive the engagement/ couples shoot photo’s?

A :  Takes approx. 2 weeks, There will generally be about 30 photo’s.

Q : How much time is needed for the engagement/ couples shoot?

A : An hour is all we need, by this time you will be tired of me and we would have achieved many stunning photo’s. 

Q : Can I bring props for the couples shoot?

A : Absolutely! I recommend you do – it makes the pic’s more interesting.

Q : Do you recommend the Engagement/ Couples shoot over a Trash the Dress or Boudoir shoot?

A : I am fond of all these ideas, it will all depend on where you live and what you would like to do with the photo’s. If you are unsure let me know and we can discuss all the pro’s and con’s of the options. 

Q : What is a Creative Newly Weds shoot?

A : This is the time after your ceremony that we take to photograph you – brand new husband and wife. You allocate a time frame and we go and take beautiful and creative photo’s of the two of you. You are welcome to bring your bridal party with so we can also photograph a few with them too. I recommend at least 30mins for this sacred time. The more time we have the more beautiful photographs you will have forever.

Q : Can I choose my own location/s for the Creative Newly Weds shoot?

A : Absolutely, I am willing to drive anywhere for these photo’s. If you make the time we can do almost anything your heart desires. 

Q : Can I bring props for the creative newly weds photo’s?

A : Absolutely, all I ask is that you put these in a bag to be easily carried around, or to delegate one of the bridal party people to take responsibility for these. 

Q : What props will compliment the wedding dress best? 

A : White umbrellas (no colours), different shoes such as Wellingtons or Converse. I always carry a white towel incase we want to take ground shots, so you wont soil your white dress and I also have a collection of props we can use.

Q : Can you arrange a photobooth type area?

A : Absolutely a Yes. This is a great opportunity to get fun pics of the guests after the speeches are done. I set up a small area and have a basket of props for guests to use, I photograph for about an hour while guests are eating or dancing. These are always a fun surprise on your wedding album (you will laughing for years haha).

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Q : Where do you shoot the family portraits?

A : Where ever your heart desires, outdoor portraits are my favourite and there is a variety of locations to choose from along the Garden Route. We will need excellent natural light or a shaded area without harsh direct light. I do a weather forecast check a week in advance as well to make sure the shoot can take place.

Q : How long will the portrait shoot take? 

A : An hour or two at the most, depending on the number of family members.

Q : What do you charge for a family shoot?

A : Contact me directly for a quote as every shoot differs in accordance to what is required and the location we will shoot at. 

Q : What must we wear to the shoot?

A : Clothing of every member needs to be similar, white top and jeans is always easiest but colours can look just as lovely, as long as all the colours compliment each other.

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Q : When should a newborn shoot be taken?

A : In the first 12 days, newborn baby is at their most sleepy and cutest. Even 1 day after the 14 will be noticeably different in their behaviour. 

Q : How long does a newborn shoot take?

A : This all depends on baby, they may need to feed at some point or have a nappy change, we work around mom and baby’s routine and it also depends on how many different shots you would like of baby, but usually 2 hours.

Q : Where does the newborn shoot take place?

A : At your home. We make sure the room is warmed with a toasty heater so baby is comfortable and relaxed and in no way compromised. I can shoot anywhere you like, I also have a setup at home if you prefer, I even have a white noise app on my phone to aid baby’s sleep.

Q : What type of newborn shots do you take?

A : Creative and Sleepy. If you want to do nudes we will do these as well. Mom or Dad will need to assist me throughout the shoot, as well as practice placing baby in all those cute positions that make baby adorable! This is very important to do. 

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