Newborn Portraits – the purest form of life, the tiniest and perfectly precious features… how quickly they change and grow… these photographs are treasured forever and ever, so I encourage you to book a shoot, I know how you are or will be feeling with the tired bags under your eyes and sleep depravity hanging over your head, but parents you will cherish these photographs with proud hearts for as long as you live, you do not necessarily need to be in the pictures if this suits you better, however even one with the parents “just as you are” is what story telling and memories are all about, this is that moment you want to capture.

Important info for all my Maternity Shoots:

  • Shoots need to take place within 9 days of birth (a 12-14 day old baby can become restless and will make the parents feel uneasy and resentful that we are unable to get creative shots, these can only happen when baby is very sleepy).
  • Shoots are done in the comfort of your own home (details can be sent to you regarding what is required, e.g. room with a lot of natural light, heater in the room, white noise, etc.), unless you would prefer an alternative option, but I find baby is more relaxed in their own room with familiar sounds and smells (I don’t even wear perfume or any strong smelling lotions to disturb a sleeping baby).
  • Shoots take from 2-3 hours because baby usually needs a well-deserved feed, sooth from Mom and a few changed diapers. 
  • The Go-to Poses will please need to be practiced beforehand by Mama for a successful newborn shoot and to make baby feel more relaxed and comfie on the day.
  • You will receive the best photographs of the day placed on an USB and delivered either door-to-door via courier or sent via Dropbox.

Please contact me for a quote and availability.




India Parr | Newborn Shoot-3

Keo Newborn-7

Keo Newborn-15

Keo Newborn-8

Jacey Searra Photography |_-5

Jacey Searra Photography

Jacey Searra Photography |_-8

Newborn Photography Knysna

Newborn Photography Knysna

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