About The Photographer

As you will see in my portfolio -
photography is my jam.
Being a creative & working side by side with people & nature
inspires me every day to appreciate all that I have and all that I am,  Life is to be celebrated, cherished, remembered and documented. 

Photography, Art & being creative has been my passion throughout life and I am fortunate to call this passion a full-time business.

I have studied Desktop Publishing and Interior Decorating, later completing an Intermediate Photography course at the Vega Photography School and a Wedding Photography Workshop at the Cape Town School of Photography. Both photography schools taught me to use my camera in a sophisticated manner, to think out the box and, most importantly, to be a professional business person at all times.


O N   A   M O R E   P E R S O N A L   N O T E  :

I was born in Johannesburg and raised in Port Elizabeth, so there is no doubt that the people-loving and friendly nature has rubbed off along the way,

After school I decided to depart our shores to work as an Au-pair in Delaware, New York, then moved back to SA to Cape Town to continue my studies in Desktop Publishing.

I need to be near sunshine, beachsand and water,

I can eat ice-cream for breakfast (chocolate and pistachio are my fav-flav’s),

I am crazy about music and learnt to play the drum set and percussion at junior school and continued to play in our high school orchestra,

I love dancing to good music and sometimes I sing for my dogs and daughter – I think they kind of like it…

Traveling to new places excites me to the core, I would love to be a travel or Nat Geo photographer

When I am not editing… you will find me either on Pinterest, decorating my home, pottering in my garden, relaxing at a coffee shop or cafe (food is love after all), in a clothing or furniture shop (especially the second hand ones),

I have a wonderful, kind, hard-working husband & together we have a daughter whom we love with all our heart and soul,

Animals of all kinds have stolen my heart (we have 2 awesome dogs) & I want to steal every animal I come across (I secretly desire to own a farm so I have a place to keep all these animals safe and happy, aka small zoo), I recently held a hedgehog – such a cutie,

I love my friends dearly, they are my extended family and I am most certainly a glam girly-girl, yes I absolutely own gold tekkies (sneakers), however no shoes nor make-up is my style too,

If I could live anywhere in South Africa it would be right where I am… in the peaceful, beautiful, nature rich and rustic KNYSNA, with a variety of exquisite areas and landscapes to appreciate everyday (Outeniqua mountains, lush forest, ever-changing lagoon, blue-flag-swimming-in-water beaches, nature reserves and walks, the most beautiful waterfalls, elephant parks, game reserves, countryside, premium wine farms and international golf courses to name a few), it is the best place to call home!


So that’s “About Me” in a nutshell… I feel this intro will be a great ice breaker and eases you into knowing a tiny bit more about a person who will be an important part of your most personal day or life event. I would hope my photographs speak volumes and my creativity will inspire you first and foremost, this is merely a wee bonus.

 I would love to hear more about you & your special occasion!

Thank you for visiting my website and I do hope to hear from you.

Photo taken on my honeymoon at Koi Samui, Thailand, after climbing to a 500 foot viewpoint.
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