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Jaco & Yolandie | Wedding Day


How Jaco and I met:

We met on a Friday night at a church gathering where Jaco and the rest of his band were playing. It was my birthday and I was sitting on the porch drinking my coffee. One of my friends’ little brother brought me a rose and when I looked up Jaco’s friend blew me a kiss. Before we left the gathering I went to say goodbye to Jaco and when I hugged him I whispered in his ear that I know it wasn’t his friend who sent me the rose. Today his friend is our great friend.

When we started dating I was just starting high school and Jaco was on his way out. It was frowned upon to have a grade 8 go out with a matric and we had a lot of battles to deal with but with grace and guidance from above no battle was too big for us to overcome. Because we started dating from a really early age we could hold each others’ hands through all the massive experiences in both our lives – through school, Varsity and Collage, through first jobs, through moving to Cape Town to starting our own life in Heidelberg.

How did Jaco propose:

We were visiting my brother and my sister-in-law in Heidelberg the weekend he proposed to me. The Sunday morning before we had to leave for home in Cape Town, he proposed we go on a walk on the train tracks. While we walked down the train tracks we were talking about how pure and raw our love for one another is and how we don’t find happiness in the “shiny” things in life, but rather in the more simpler things that most people overlook. While we were sitting and chatting I picked up two train track rocks that fit perfectly into each other to form a heart. I showed it to Jaco and started to walk back to the house. He called me back and when I turned around he was on one knee proposing to me.

Wedding theme:

Our wedding theme was rustic and cosy.

Wedding Planner:

Hanlie Xander. She did our decor, food and everything else I bothered her with. She is absolutely amazing. She can do damage control like no one I have ever met and she has this way of calming the bride and groom when they think everything is going crash, burn, boom. We could not have done our wedding without her support and kind soul.

Place where bride got ready:

Fleur Bleue Guest house Heidelberg Western Cape

Brides dress and Veil:

I designed my own wedding dress and had a lovely lady make it for me in Wellington.

Bride’s shoes:

I got my shoes from Queue in Tyger Valley.

Bride’s Jewellery:

I wore a necklace from my gran that passed away when I was little. It was a way to have her there with us for our big day. She gave me a ring when I was born and I have been wearing that ring on my pinkie finger for the last 9 years or so and I never take it off. The morning of our wedding my mom came to me at my guesthouse and she had two rings she had made for both of us. The one ring only has a heart and the other one has a hollow heart – so the one fits into the other. From the day of our wedding she wear the one and I the other. One day, if we are so blessed, I will pass these rings onto my kids when they get married or have children.


We decided that it would be much cheaper to buy quality make-up that I can use long after the wedding and so we did. We all did our own make-up at the hair salon. It was almost like a slumber party vibe.

Hair Stylist:

Cutting Chair in Heidelberg did the hair of the bride, the groom, the father of the bride, mother of the bride, mother of the groom and bridesmaids. The flower crowns were organized by our wedding planner.

Bridesmaid dresses:

I gave my bridesmaids the colour pallet of their dresses and they went out and sourced their own fabric and dressmakers. Because my maid of honour lives in Heidelberg and my other two bridesmaid and bridesman lives in Wellington and Cape Town it was difficult to get them all in the same place at the same time for fittings and so on. We bought my bridesman’s tie at S-Studio (

Bridesmaid’s gifts:

The way I asked my bridesmaids to be my bridesmaids I made a cookie that said “sal jy my strooinooi wees” with a round hole on the one side. With the cookie I made two smaller cookies saying “ja” and “nee”. The “ja” cookie was round and fitted perfectly into the whole, but the “nee” was square and unless they ate it round it won’t fit. I also bought small Nutellas and made my own label with their name on and a small bottle of J.C. Le Roux that I changed to “J.C. Beste”. I put everything in a big box with a big bow and gave it to them. I also made a cookie for our ring carrier.

For the Groomsmen proposal, I designed an Olof Berg Brandy label with their faces on with the wording changed and gave it to them.

On the day of the wedding I gave each of my bridesmaid and bridesman a box of Lindt chocolate and for the girls I also included earrings they wore at the wedding.

Place where Groom got ready:

Jaco got ready at Heidelberg Hotel.

Groom’s suit:

Jaco had a custom Jacket made by a tailor in Wellington.

Groom’s accessories:

The bow tie the men wore came from S-Studio. I engraved cufflinks for him with his initials on them that he wore on the day.

Groom’s shoes:

Open Door Wellington.

Ceremony venue:

NG Church Heidelberg.

Reception Venue:

Heidelberg Skougronde.

Venue Minister:

Our minister that married us was one of Jaco’s varsity friends which was very special.


Small, white flowers.

Who made your wedding cake?

Jaco’s sister has her own business in Wellington called My Spensie and she baked and decorated our chocolate wedding cake.

First Dance:

You are Loved by Mathew Mole. We were listening to a few songs to try to decide what our first dance song would be and so we listened to the words of the song and it spoke to who we are as a couple and what we are aiming to achieve with our marriage.


Charles -Just For You (

Wedding invite:

I designed and made our wedding invites and Save the dates.

Wedding Stationary:

The pen we used to sign with was the bride’s granddad’s pen.

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Stiaan & Elsje | Wedding Day


Tell us about your love-story leading up to your special day – how did you meet one another?

Me and Stiaan met in Great Brak in 2007. During that time he lived in George and I was in Stellenbosch. After university I did my community year in Mossel Bay and our paths crossed again. We became good friends over the years. 6 Years ago Stiaan unxpectantly needed a urgent liver transplant. I knew then that he held a special place in my heart. But it was only when my dad got diagnosed with canser in January 2018 that we finally realized how much we value each other.  We started dating again and got engaged in August 2018.

How did your husband propose to you?

We had a weekend planned on our farm in the Langkloof. The week before he asked me to marry him, I noticed that he was getting all funny and was not quite himself. We took a flask of tea and drove to a place in the mountains where me and my dad had started the foundations for a small mountain hut. I made us some tea and then he really got funny. He played some music for us and then the special song I have always loved started to play. He went on his knee and popped the question. I have not seen him so serious ever before. I of course said yes and out of the back of the bakkie champagne appeared!

Did your wedding have a theme:

We love the outdoors and wanted to bring in nature and the simplicity of it. I also love gardening and wanted to portray the wild garden into my theme. We did not want to spend most of the budget on flowers and I started picking flowers for the wedding 3 days before the wedding. Flowers came from our farm in the Langkloof where my dad use to drive past with his big red tractor, oom Piet’s se plaas in Herbetsdale and some from the farm my brother works at near Riviersonderend.

Wedding Planner: Me – I love DIY

Wedding Car: Stiaan’s boss – Mr. Pierre Conradie from George (He collects old cars and did it as a wedding favour)

Place where Bride got ready: The Minor at Somerset Gift Holiday Farm near Buffeljagsrivier.

Brides Dress: Stephan van Deventer at Bridal Inn George

Veil: Bridal Inn George

Brides Shoes: Shoes I bought in University – almost 10 years ago

Brides Jewellery: Lovisa

Make-up Artist: Anemari van Niekerk

Hair Stylist: Picture Perfect Hair Salon in Swellendam

Bridesmaids Dresses: Imported from China 😉

Bridesmaids Gifts: Put together by myself

Bridesmaids Accessories: Everyone’s old favorites

What did you choose for…

Something old: My shoes – more than 10 years old

Something new: My earrings

Something borrowed:My petticoat

Something blue: The garter

Place where groom got ready: The Eagle’s Nest at Somerset Gift Holiday Farm

Grooms suit: Edgars

Grooms Accessories: American Swiss

Grooms Shoes: De Jagers

Groomsmen Suits: Edgars

Groomsmen Accessories: Their own

Ceremony Venue: Old NG Church in Swellendam

Reception Venue: Chris Elle in Buffelsjagsrivier

Minister: Pierrie Kies

What did you choose for confetti: The colourful petals of bougainvillea

Who made your Wedding Cake: Stiaan’s bosses wife, Mrs. Ria Conradie

What type of cake did you choose? 3 Layers, red velvet, vanilla and chocolate decorated with flowers with a touch of gold.

Cake topper: only flowers

First Dance Song & if there is a story attached to your choice: Jy is my alles from Bobby van Jaarsveld

Catering Company: Toitnette from the Rooikombuis at Barrydale

DJ: Just Music

Wedding Invite Design: Myself

Wedding Stationary: Myself

Any Other Vendors you would like to mention: 

Help with the decor:

Sandra Bredenkamp – Friend from Cape Town – my decor friend that’s a histologist full time and very creative after hours

Santie Tredoux – Friend from Hartenbos

Joanne Kritzinger – Sister in law

Chair covers and glases – LaFlor

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Rudi & Catie | Wedding Day

Tell us about your love-story leading up to your special day – how did you meet one another?
We met via mutual friends. At first we were only friends but later on we started looking at each other differently and fell in love shortly afterwards. We were at umhlanga and Rudy even went on his one-year when he asked me to be his girlfriend. About a year-and-a-half to two years later he asked me to spend the rest of our lives together.
How did your husband propose to you?
 We were in plettenberg Bay and I kind of suspected that he would propose sooner or later. We went skydiving and I actually suspected that he might ask me then but he did not. About 2 days later we went on a hike,  the robberg hike; we ended up on a small deck with a beautiful Outlook of the ocean and then Rudi flew his drone all around us. Later the drone was very close to us and the next moment he went on his one knee and proposed. We then finished our hike and met up with my best friend and her husband and celebrated.
Did your wedding have a theme, if yes please give details:
The wedding was on the beach so it seem was not needed as the beach is already a theme
Wedding Planner: Jana Goodman
Wedding Car: Mercedes Combi
Place where Bride got ready: Sky Villa Boutique Hotel
Brides Dress: Bride&Co
Veil: Mother purchased is from her own supplier
Brides Shoes: Woolworths
Brides Jewellery: Angels Boutique Bloemfontein
Make-up Artist: Brides sister Merisa Oelofse
Hair Stylist: Hair Salon: Adam n Eve: Shantal Schmidt
Bridesmaids Dresses: Isabel
Bridesmaids Gifts: Robes which I made
Bridesmaids Accessories: they just wore their own
What did you choose for
Something old:
Something new: my wedding dress
Something borrowed:
Something blue: the ocean
Place where groom got ready:
Grooms suit: Bride&Co
Grooms Accessories: Bride&Co
Grooms Shoes: Woolworths
Groomsmen Suits: Woolworths
Groomsmen Accessories: Only buttonaires made by florist
Ceremony Venue: Beach area infront of Equinox,  Plettenberg Bay
Reception Venue: Equinox,  Plettenberg Bay
Minister: Schalk Scott,  my cousin’s husband
What did you choose for confetti: rose petals
Who made your Wedding Cake: I’m not quite sure the wedding planner knows but there were lots of doughnuts
What type of cake did you choose? It might have been vanilla I don’t know I don’t eat cake
Cake topper: the cake topper said finally
First Dance Song & if there is a story attached to your choice: Lady Gaga- always remember us this way. There is no story attached we just love this song and the movie
Catering Company:
DJ: Jana Goodman knows who the DJ was
Live Band/ Instrumentals during the day: Jana Goodman knows who the live band was
Wedding Invite Design: website which I created
Wedding Stationary: Jana Goodman knows who did the stationery

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