Leon & Jolene | Wedding Day

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Did your wedding have a theme, if yes please give details: Wedding theme was peacock colours, and feathers 

Wedding Planner:  Mother – in – law and myself
Place where Bride got ready:  Knysna elephant Park 
Brides Dress: Cute baby wedding couture
Veil:  Cute baby wedding couture
Brides Shoes: Miss Black 
Brides Jewelry:   necklace I had for years, earings : Sugar body jewellery 
Make-up Artist: the art of make-up by Karin Chan
Hair Stylist:  Karin Chan
Bridesmaids Dresses: Cute baby wedding couture
What did you choose for:
Something old:   Necklace 
Something new:   shoes 
Something borrowed: Unfortunately i did not have something borrowed

Something blue: Garter

Place where groom got ready: Knysna Elephant Park 

Grooms suit: GF menswear
Grooms Accessories:  Groom Father’s
Grooms Shoes: Kingsmead
Groomsmen Suits: GF menswear
Ceremony Venue:  Knysna Elephant Park
Reception Venue:  Knysna Elephant Park 
Minister: Chris du Preez 
What did you choose for confetti:  French Lavender
Who made your Wedding Cake: 3 fat fish – the bake shop
What type of cake did you choose? vanilla butter icing , with cararmel 
Cake topper: Grooms, brother – mother – in- law , 
Who did your Catering: 3 Fat fish- Plettenberg bay 
DJ:  Family member
Wedding Invite Design:  Upgrades for u 
Wedding Stationary:  Father, mother, mother-in-law

Lights & sound : Outeniqua Sound